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“What does Avaia mean?”

It means everything and nothing. It means anything and its exact opposite.

It is a mix of identical and opposite meanings that you will never find in any Zanichelli dictionaries or Treccani encyclopaedia.

“But what does Avaia really mean?”

Avaia means only Avaia; you can’t translate it, you can only interpret it; and you can do it only with the contorted and famous Catanian heritage that created such term and of it they are really fond.

Avaia means exhortation, “Avaia, fozza…”

Avaia means exclamation, “Avaia, mbare!”

Avaia means astonishment, “Avaia, appidaveru?”

Avaia means contradiction, “Avaia, và…”

Avaia means request, “Avaia, moviti”

You can put this term everywhere, like parsley; it reinforces, and underlines a concept, it breaks the mould and the sameness. .

You can put this term everywhere, also on thet-shirt!

This is what happens by Avaiashop....

Say no to flatness, give way to fantasy that upsets the sight, the harmony, the righteousness: it is the impetuous and desecrating Sicilian identity that distinguishes itself from others.

Have you ever tried to say “Avaia!” in front of a no Sicilian? Its shocked, confused and curious reaction causes a devastating effect that few others dialects in the world can provoke.

This is what you can find by Avaiashop.

This is what we want to offer to our countrymen, it is the keepsake of Sicily that we want to give to who come to visit our island and doesn’t want to forget of it.

Avaia, ma chi vuliti di chiù?